Error with Feature-Policy header 'none'

Last week I could happily log in to SoundCloud, as long as I turned off every single tracking blocker I could find. Such a chore. Today, no matter what I do, with everything off, I cannot even get to the login page, it is repeatedly flashing, but not progressing.

I was trying to log in. Normally a fairly simple task, but it failed dismally. I also could not download the SoundCloud App for PC either, it just would not start up in Store. At a loss to understand the reason. I know there was a problem with the system on the 29th Jan, but the support page says it was resolved.

Also says: 'ambient-light-sensor', 'battery', and 'wake-lock' at the end of each error description.

Is this a problem with the latest verson of Edge Browser for windows? Or is it solely a SoundCloud issue? I have done nothing different in trying to log in to the website. Normally, just turning off 'all' and I mean 'all' of my ad blockers and tracking blockers will do the trick, but that is no longer the case.


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