I "upgraded" from Windows 10 to Windows 11, and my MikTex developed problems. It still works, but gives this warning:

starting package maintenance...
installation directory: C:\Users\ccc31\AppData\Local\Programs\MiKTeX
package repository: https://mirror2.sandyriver.net/pub/ctan/systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages/
package repository digest: 01f4511dd3ba7934c7348b504d466b34
going to download 1262 bytes
going to install 4 file(s) (1 package(s))
downloading https://mirror2.sandyriver.net/pub/ctan/systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages/miktex-latex.tar.lzma...
0.00 MB, 0.03 Mbit/s

Unfortunately, the package miktex-latex could not be installed.
Please check the log file:

I noticed from my settings file it says the OS is Windows 10. Here is a portion of my settings file:

ReportDate: 2023-01-31 16:00:55
CurrentVersion: 20.7
SetupDate: 2022-12-19 12:42:00
SetupVersion: 20.6.29
Configuration: Regular
GitInfo: d26133b / 2020-07-31 18:20:50
OS: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, build 22621
SharedSetup: no
LinkTargetDirectory: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX\miktex\bin\x64
PathOkay: yes
LastUpdateCheck: 2023-01-31 15:48:30
LastUpdate: 2023-01-31 15:49:21
LastUpdateDb: 2023-01-31 15:50:42
SystemAdmin: yes
RootPrivileges: no
AdminMode: no

In trying to troubleshoot this problem, I noticed that I had Miktex in \Program Files and also in AppData\Local\Programs. I am a long time user of latexpdf, so it wouldn't surprise me to learn that I had installed it multiple times in multiple locations.

Any hints on how to diagnose the warning, and how to fix it? Thanks.

  • You could try texlive instead of miktex. Texlive is available for all major operating system, including windows and it avoids all the problems with the user/admin modes of miktex and it also seems more stable with less packaging errors. Jan 31 at 21:24


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