I am trying to use Google Apps Script to automate downloading attachments from a Gmail inbox to a specific folder on the account's Google Drive using label. I found the code below that does that part well, but I need to modify it to save only specific file type. So please help me how to save only specific file type i.e .xlsx.

// copying-gmail-attachments-to-google-drive-using-apps-script
function saveAttachmentInFolder(){
 var folder = DriveApp.getFolderById('1cqkjQWj2QkT7TyvllHI7YJFfWNcEupW0');// your Google Drive Folder ID to save the files
 var userId = "acoounts.mfc66@gmail.com";// your email.I mean your own Gmail to
 var query = "label:Thrive_from april 2022 till 20th jan 2023";// the label you created to fetch attachments from
 var res = Gmail.Users.Messages.list(userId, {q: query});//The searching and using the results; never mind
   var attA=GmailApp.getMessageById(m.id).getAttachments();
     folder.createFile(a.copyBlob()).setName(a.getName()); // gets name of file
// end of script

Thanks in advance for your help.

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In your situation, how about checking the mimeType of the data as follows?


var attA=GmailApp.getMessageById(m.id).getAttachments();


var attA = GmailApp.getMessageById(m.id).getAttachments().filter(a => a.getContentType() == MimeType.MICROSOFT_EXCEL);

or, if you want to check both mimeType and the extension of the filename, how about the following modification?

var attA = GmailApp.getMessageById(m.id).getAttachments().filter(a => a.getContentType() == MimeType.MICROSOFT_EXCEL || (/\.pdf$/i).test(a.getName());
  • When this modified script is used, the attachment files are filtered by the mimeType of XLSX format.


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