I'm building a small messaging app for the iPhone. When the user writes a message in my UITextView I save it to an online database. Then I download that and display it to another user. The problem is that the string that I send to the DB do not include the "\n"-sign from the Uitextview that the user typed in, When I try to display the message it displays it in one line instead of the formatting the user inputed.

I somehow want to get all newline-signs from the UitextView and save them inside the text in the DB so I can display the message with the right formatting.

How do I do this in Objective C?

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UITextView supports the '\n' newline, and its text property will contains them.

You can try this to confirm that a UITextView supports them (note that textView is a UITextView):

if ([self.textView.text rangeOfString:@"\n"].location != NSNotFound) {
    NSLog(@"newline found");

Or this

self.textView.text = @"new\nline";

So may be you problem is elsewhere in the code that persist the user string.

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