I am trying to convert TFDMemTable to a JSON String. I am trying to utilize SaveToStream function, but it throws an NULL Access Violation.

Project XXX raised exception class $C0000005 with message 'access violation at 0x545c8d4f: read of address 0x00000008'.

A reproducible code below:

  TFDMemTable *fd = new TFDMemTable(NULL);

  TFieldDef *Field = fd->FieldDefs->AddFieldDef();
  Field->Name = "Name";
  Field->DataType = Db::ftString;
  Field->Size = 100;


  fd->FieldByName("Name")->AsString = "Johnny";


  TStringStream *Stream = new TStringStream();

  fd->SaveToStream(Stream, sfJSON); 

I tried with dropping a TFDStanStorageJSONLink also tried creating TStringStream with a String.

IDE: Rad Studio 11.1. We had a similar working peice of code before upgrading from 10.1 Berlin. Thanks.

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The code above is fine, the problem is with the upgraded project file. If I try in a new project, it works. Ended up creating a new project file. My upgrade wows continues.

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