I need a newer version than 1.5 of the oval framework, so I try to add it to the dependencies but play requires 1.5 which overrides my dependency. How do I force play to let me use a newer version? (I know technically I could change it in $PLAY_HOME$/framework/dependencies.yml, but that seems like a bad idea)

My conf/dependencies.yml

    - play
    - net.sf.oval -> oval 1.7

My error

~ Some dependencies have been evicted,
~   oval 1.7 is overriden by oval 1.50

Try to use force option:

    - net.sf.oval -> oval 1.7:
            force: true
  • To all readers as me who won't note at the first time : there is a mandatory ':' at the end of the lib name-version ! Thus said, BrownFurSeal got the point, thanks for the tip. – Benj Feb 28 '17 at 9:34

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