I am using graphicex lib to support transparency in graphics32 library (I am using RAD Studio 11, C++ builder).

Everything works well - except - when I try to compile and run app with unchecking of the items ("Link with runtime packages" =false and "Link with Dynamic RTL" =false) to make a standalone app - then I lose the transparency of the png graphics32 images.

The program shows transparency of png images in graphic32 without problems when "Link with runtime packages" and "Link with Dynamic RTL" are checked (true).

Can I kindly ask for advice, if you have one?

Thanks, BKor

I tried with some other checked options in Project options, but nothing helped.

  • Resolved: I had to remove #include "Pngimage.hpp" from the header....
    – BKor
    Feb 6 at 11:52


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