Recently I have started working with multiple tabs in Selenium and I have encountered a strange problem. When I'm executing this code:

WebDriverWait(driver, 10).until(EC.number_of_windows_to_be(2))
url_in_page_source= eu.look_for_url_in_page_source(
# time.sleep(10) # <--- this is fixing the error
return url_in_page_source

and immediately after the return statement when I'm trying to visit extracted url by driver.get() I'm getting this error:

Message: no such window: target window already closed
from unknown error: web view not found

However I have found out that adding a simple time.sleep(10) just before return statement is fixing the issue, but what is more strange to me - when I have tried to lower the wait time just below 10 secs the error is still existing. I have no idea why it is happening. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I will be very grateful for any help and explanations.

Edit: Here's source code of the eu.look_for_url_in_page_source() as per @JeffC request

def look_for_url_in_page_source(page_html, left_url_delimiter, right_url_delimiter):
    print('Processing URL with f:look_for_url_in_page_source()')
    # extracts multiple URLs from page_source
    extracted_urls = []
    while True:
        # check if delimiters are present in page_html
        find_left_url_delimiter = page_html.find(left_url_delimiter)
        find_right_url_delimiter = page_html.find(right_url_delimiter)
        if find_left_url_delimiter == -1 or find_right_url_delimiter == -1:
            if len(extracted_urls) > 0:
                return extracted_urls
            print('f:look_for_url_in_page_source() was not able to get any text.')
            return False
        left_url_delimiter_pos = find_left_url_delimiter + len(left_url_delimiter)
        right_url_delimiter_pos = page_html[left_url_delimiter_pos:].find(right_url_delimiter) + left_url_delimiter_pos
        extracted_url = page_html[left_url_delimiter_pos:right_url_delimiter_pos].strip()
        page_html = page_html[right_url_delimiter_pos:]
  • What does eu.look_for_url_in_page_source() do? We can't see the code. What code is running right after this method returns? We need a minimal reproducible example.
    – JeffC
    Feb 6 at 0:47
  • @JeffC I didn't include eu.look_for_url_in_page_source() source code, because it doesn't do much to be honest. It is just using python's built-in string find() method to extract URL from page source. It is not causing the problem for sure, because error is happening after the return statement when other function is trying to get that extracted URL with Selenium's driver.get().
    – BigEd94
    Feb 7 at 16:46
  • The problem is happening when you do driver.get() using the URL that was returned from eu.look_for_url_in_page_source() so I think it's very relevant.
    – JeffC
    Feb 7 at 17:21
  • @JeffC I've updated my question with source code of the look_for_url_in_page_source().
    – BigEd94
    Feb 8 at 9:38

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There are a lot many process involved in the process of closing a tab and switching to the parent Browsing Context which is beyond the scope of our naked eyes. Having said that, neither


is an ideal way to switch to the new tab, nor


is an ideal way to switch to the parent tab.

You can find a detailed discussion on tab switching in Open web in new tab Selenium + Python


A few relevant discussions:

  • Hi. Thanks for your answer. I've tried the solution which you've provided in another question, but it didn't change anything. Before implementing switching windows with your way I've already tried printing windows and it was switching to and closing correct ones, so closing wrong window it's probably not the issue here. Do you have any other ideas?
    – BigEd94
    Feb 7 at 16:50

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