I would like to publish my first Delphi application in the Microsoft Store.

Do applications published in the Microsoft Store also have to be signed with a commercial certificate?

When I launch my application, the user should not be shown that the application is from an unspecified developer, etc.


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Yes, you need a code signing certificate. You can get a standard or an extended validation certificate. The last one is more expensive, but since you are vetted more thoroughly, MS also values these higher.*

Even with that, you still have the risk of your app getting flagged by Windows Defender as a potentially unwanted application until sufficient people have downloaded it and marked it as safe (google e.g. "defender flagging downloaded installer")

MS itself gives more information at Publish Windows apps and games, and note that you need to supply a MSIX, MSI or EXE.

BTW Embarcadero also has some information about publishing as an APPX and to the Micrososft Store:

* Do not confuse this with the three levels of website certificates, e.g. described here.


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