I am trying to push the local changes on the master branch to the remote master branch using this library for gradle https://ajoberstar.org/grgit/main/grgit-push.html:


It complains and i get this exception org.eclipse.jgit.errors.NoRemoteRepositoryException master not found how is that possible as master branch does exist at remote.

I even tried the following:


with no luck and same exception occurred as above.

But when i try with:


that works but it pushes to all the branches at remote but that what i don't want. My requirement is to push to the specific branch. Like just master branch only.

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Ok i have achieved this by:

grgit.push(refsOrSpecs: ["refs/heads/master": "refs/heads/master" ],tags:true) 

does the trick push to remote master branch only.

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