I have an application in Delphi under fireDac(fdconnection, Datasource...ect) which uses an access database stored on a server via an SMB share. When I create a connection to an Access database, no problem for the connection or the requests. However, if I stop and restart the service, it seems that the connection does not work anymore. Although the service is ok, it seems that the connection is stuck on the old connection and the only way to restore this is to restart the application. Is there a way to refreshing the connection ?

i used closeConnectionDef(https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/FireDAC.Comp.Client.TFDCustomManager.CloseConnectionDef) but no result

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    Restarting the service terminates / invalidates the connection to the Access database, it is not possible to recover it.
    – mjn
    Feb 7 at 19:27


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