I am trying get the properties of an Azure Disk Resource. When I run the command in my subscription

$R=Get-AzResource -Name <ResourceName>

It provides a list of properties given here I am specifically interested getting the Properties PSobject. However running the following command:

$R.Properties -eq $null

does returns true. When I look at this resource from Azure Portal (Same user principal as in Powershell command) in Json format I am given a selection of schemas to choose from and lots of properties are provided. Below is a sample:

"properties": {
        "osType": "Linux",
        "hyperVGeneration": "V2",
        "supportsHibernation": true,
        "supportedCapabilities": {
            "acceleratedNetwork": true,
            "architecture": "x64"
        "creationData": {
            "createOption": "FromImage",
            "imageReference": {
                "id": "xxx"
        "diskSizeGB": 30,
        "diskIOPSReadWrite": 500,
        "diskMBpsReadWrite": 60,
        "encryption": {
            "type": "EncryptionAtRestWithPlatformKey"
        "networkAccessPolicy": "AllowAll",
        "publicNetworkAccess": "Enabled",
        "timeCreated": "2023-01-09T13:38:24.500223+00:00",
        "provisioningState": "Succeeded",
        "diskState": "Attached",
        "diskSizeBytes": 32213303296,
        "uniqueId": "xxx"

What is the proper command to get this information using PowerShell?


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You should set the ExpandProperties switch


$resourceWithProperties = Get-AzResource -Name <ResourceName> -ExpandProperties

You can the access the properties with


You can get all properties using -ExapandProperties command and Alternative way of getting all properties is by using below commands:


$disk = Get-AzResource -ResourceId "/subscriptions/<subscriptionId>/resourceGroups/<Rg name>/providers/Microsoft.Compute/disks/<Diskname>"  
$disk.Properties | Format-List *


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enter image description here

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