Is there a way to programmatically obtain a list of open tabs in a browser by index?

For example, suppose Google Chrome is open with two tabs.
In the program, a line something like:

tabs_list = list_tabs(hwnd)

...where hwnd is the handle to the window for the overall Chrome instance and tabs_list is a dictionary something like:

  0 : 'http://stackoverflow.com/',
  1 : 'http://www.otherstufff.com/'

(...or maybe by title of the window instead of url)

If so, then bringing focus to one of them can be possible from the Python script with keyboard commands, control- (CTRL-) like control-1 or control-2.

An edit added later to try to help clarify: Picture a local wxPython app, where you already know how to activate a given instance of Chrome on that same box from within your wxPython app running locally, and that browser instance has multiple tabs open, and now you want to insure that a certain tab has focus, to be able to interact with that web page that is being displayed (maybe using CTRL-A CTRL-C for example to harvest its content). This question is not about issuing keyboard commands, that is already known, the question is how to obtain a list of open tabs, if possible, thanks.

  • It will really help to know the platform (os). I'm guessing from hwnd it's Windows but adding this detail (and tagging appropriately) would be essential in giving you an answer.
    – Art Taylor
    Sep 24, 2011 at 8:24
  • 1
    Did not specify OS because the goal is to develop a cross-platform application, however, if we need to limit it, starting with Windows. Yet, do really appreciate your example for Mac OS X and the tip for OLE Automation with Python, thanks!
    – gseattle
    Sep 26, 2011 at 5:56

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While not sure of your target OS, you can do this on Mac OS X:

>>> from appscript import *
>>> map(lambda x: x.title(), app('Google Chrome').windows[0].tabs())
[u'Stack Overflow', u'Google']

On Windows, you will want to look into OLE Automation with Python.


Its not possible. First you haven't noted what app you develop but if you use python for a website backend - then its just a server-side language and does not know what a "browser" is - the server outputs to the browser and thats all. And I don't believe it's possible with client-side language like javascript as this seem to be a serious security and privacy issue if it was possible.

Edit: If you are developing a Chrome plugin lets say it might be a whole different story - but then it goes towards the Chrome API and your tagging is wrong, as "python" itself can not do that.

  • Primarily Python, see note added to original question. I do not necessarily think Python cannot do that, because Python can call Windows (for example) API's via ctypes, win32api and other modules, lots-o-fun.
    – gseattle
    Sep 26, 2011 at 5:33
  • I think he was talking about a desktop app.
    – rattray
    Nov 25, 2013 at 16:17

You can get the title of all open windows using the PyGetWindow library.

This won't give you a list of tabs open in your browser, but it should give you the title of the current active tab in your browser.


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