I have two project angular in prod enviroment:

1-) user/buy 2-) user/reservation

This project are in the same domaid www.usertest.com , this manner thet share the same localstore. But We have a bug when the site 2 (user/reservation) share information in the local storage with the url 1 (user/buy). When We try get this information the URL 1 (user/buy) doesn´t open , We believe that url 2 doesn´t share same information necessary to open the url 1 user/buy.

We´ve trieng run locally , but the local debug open the sites in diferents port :

Ex: 1-) user/buy - localhost:4200 2-) user/reservation - localhost:4201

This manners they not share the same local storage.

Is there any way to run the projects on same port ? Is there any way to run project locally get data in the another local storage ? Is there any way to debug and get the information the url 2 send to url 1 that I can to see ?

I wanna to debug the site in the same port locally

  • How are you running both of the apps on the same domain, can you give more insight about the setup? Each app should run a different port. Feb 8 at 8:21


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