https://downloads.jboss.org/byteman/4.0.20/byteman-programmers-guide.html#environment-settings enter image description here how to set "org.jboss.byteman.compileToBytecode" property? this document doesn't give an example.

I try to set environment proproty as follow:

export org.jboss.byteman.dump.generated.classes=1

but get an issue: -bash: export: `org.jboss.byteman.dump.generated.classes=1': not a valid identifier

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This is a JVM property. You can set it this way:

java -Dorg.jboss.byteman.dump.generated.classes=1 -javaagent:$BYTEMAN_HOME/lib/byteman.jar=script:appmain.btm AppMain foo bar baz

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