I have the following problem:

I have an angular application which is integrated into a web page as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html>

        <!-- Integration Base URL -->
        <base href="http://localhost:8080/TEST/">

        <!-- Any HTML tag with the following attributes can be used for integration:
            * "x-abc"         - rootelement of integrated application
            * "x-abc-approot" - base-url of integration
            * "x-abc-apibase" - API of application
        <main x-abc

        <!-- Application-Scrips -->

The application is running and it’s first page can be reached using the URL http://localhost:8080/TEST/. But navigating through the application does not work. The colleague who wrote the application left the following comment before leaving the company.

Configuration for subpages

For navigation and subpages to work, all subpaths shouls point to the integration. Those are .../login, .../register, .../researcher, .../search, .../startup .../researcher/compare, .../researcher/conact, .../startup/search

These can all be separately modeled as copies.

My problem is that I have never work with angular or integrated an application into a page. My background is in Java-Desktop applications. I don’t even understand the comment.

Could anyone tell me how this is supposed to work or point me at some resources describing such integrations.

Sorry, since I have such limited experience I don’t really know how to start looking for a solution.


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