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webserivce messages in listview with smileys

How can i replace string with image coming from .net web service in android.

I get data as hi :). i need to replace that special charcter to corresponding image that s available in my drawable folder.

How can i achieve that. I have tried with contains and replace. But it was of no use.

Kindly guide me in this issue .


Regards, Raghav Rajagopalan

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You can use something called ImageGetter. You can refer to this answer

  • in chat application i need to display smileys along with text in list of messages. How can i do is my exact question. I have a list view where i display all my incoming message from web service. while fetch data i need to replace the data and while data is displayed i need to show text with smiley. What should i do to achieve that. – Raghav Rajagopalan Sep 24 '11 at 11:48

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