I've searched a lot of the "Not Found" errors on StackOverflow, along with other APIGW HTTP posts, and they don't match this exact scenario.

Tldr: Custom domain with APIGW V2 HTTP works when the "Path" is blank in the API mappings, but returns 404 "Not Found" when I add the exact path.


I'm using a custom domain (dev.myapp.com) configured in API Gateway. The DNS is setup correctly as you will see shortly.

Here is the API mapping I have setup: enter image description here

The issue is:

  • When I use the optional "Path", and invoke dev.myapp.com/oauth/callback/app the API Response returns 404 "Not Found"
    • I have logs enabled for the HttpApi and the logs don't show any events, so I'm guessing it is not matching to the mapping
  • When I remove the optional "Path", then invoking dev.myapp.com/oauth/callback/app returns a successful 200
    • The logs show for the API that is mapped in this case

Been trying to solve this for a day and a half now. Tried many things like re-deploying, etcc.. I need to have multiple API mappings for this custom domain so using a single mapping with the Path field blank is not an option.

Other info:

  • Custom domain config's "Endpoint type" is "Regional"
  • The API is hooked up to invoke a lambda, which works properly when the "Path" is removed in the API mappings
  • I'm using Serverless Framework to deploy the V2 API. Here is part of the serverless yml:
app: myApp
service: ${self:app}-callback

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs16.x
  region: us-east-1
    httpApi: true # enable httpApi logs

    handler: src/infra/oauth-app-callback-service/index.handler
    name: ${self:service}-oauth-callback-${sls:stage}
      - httpApi:
          path: /oauth/callback/app
          method: GET

I've tried re-deploying, smaller "path" such as only oauth, turning off "default endpoint", but none have worked. I've looked at this solution but its a different issue which was with load balancer path rules which is not applicable here

What I expect is when using APIGW V2 HTTP with a custom domain and an API mappings with a "Path", the mapped API should be found and not return "Not Found"

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After much searching, I went to AWS's community and found this post.

  1. Go to your API Gateway and select Route
  2. Click Create
  3. Leave the Any method as is and type in the path $default without a leading slash.
  4. Click on Attach integration and select your web service endpoint

This worked and I no longer get the 404. Only issue is I have to do this manually and can't do this via Serverless Framework. I'll post a comment here if I figure it out.

Edit: To set this automatically up with serverless framework, you need to use the $default path, which can only be done as such:

    handler: src/infra/oauth-app-callback-service/index.handler
    name: ${self:service}-oauth-callback-${sls:stage}
      - httpApi: '*'

Now you're custom domain API mapping will work without having to deploy and then set the $default route for each API.

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