I am a junior engineer, trying to develop apple login using passport-apple and Node.js.

The problem is as it is listed in the title, I am keep getting this error message: {"name":"InternalOAuthError","message":"Failed to obtain access token","oauthError":{}}

There are some situations here.

  1. it seems like the function in apple strategy is not working
new AppleStrategy(
        clientID: APPLE_AUTH.CLIENT_ID,
        teamID: APPLE_AUTH.TEAM_ID,
        keyID: APPLE_AUTH.KEY_ID,
        privateKeyLocation: 'config/AuthKey_Y8BG5JY7P3.p8',
        privateKeyString: APPLE_AUTH.privateKey,
        passReqToCallback: true,
      function (accessToken, refreshToken, idToken, profile, cb) {
        try {
          // console.log(profile._json.email);
          // const socialLoginEmail = req.user.emails[0].value;
          // console.log(email);
          //화면에서 백으로
          // console.log(profile._json.email);
          // const user = await UserModelService.getUser(profile._json.email);
          // console.log(user);
          const idTokenDecoded = jwt.decode(idToken);
          // console.log('strategy', req);
          cb(null, idTokenDecoded);
        } catch (error) {
          // done(error);

-> I could not see anything printed in the log

  1. However, things are printed in the log, in the callback function, which is very strange
ROUTER.post('/apple/callback', function (req, res, next) {
  passport.authenticate('apple', function (err, user, info) {
    console.log('strategy', req);
    console.log('res 받기', res);
    console.log('user받기', user);
    console.log('info 받기', info);
    if (err) {
      if (err == 'AuthorizationError') {
          'Oops! Looks like you didn\'t allow the app to proceed. Please sign in again! <br /> \
                <a href="/login">Sign in with Apple</a>',
      } else if (err == 'TokenError') {
          'Oops! Couldn\'t get a valid token from Apple\'s servers! <br /> \
                <a href="/login">Sign in with Apple</a>',
      } else {
    } else {
      if (req.body.user) {
        // Get the profile info (name and email) if the person is registering
          user: req.body.user,
          idToken: user,
      } else {
  })(req, res, next);

I am struggling with this issue for the past 4 days, and I hope I could finish the work today. Thanks in advance!

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First argument seems to be request if passReqToCallback: true

function(req, accessToken, refreshToken, idToken, profile, cb) {}

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