I am currently trying to use the yfinance package in Python, but am running into problems. When I run

import yfinance as yf
msft = yf.Ticker('MSFT')

However, When I run this code I get the error message of :Exception: yfinance failed to decrypt Yahoo data response. WARNING: No decryption keys could be extracted from JS file. Falling back to backup decrypt methods.

I am unsure what to do, for a month ago, this same code worked for me. I am running jupyter notebooks on mac. I redownloaded python, but am to no avail. I followed the advice from >https://github.com/ranaroussi/yfinance>.

  • Can you share which version of yfinance are you using? as of now yfinance==0.2.24 seems to be executing the same code block without any issues. Jul 16 at 21:24

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Read through the discussion here.
As to " for a month ago, this same code worked for me", here definitely gives a sense that Yahoo has been actively adjusting things on their end very recently and changes need to be made to accomodate that.


You could use yahooquery, another package just like yfinance using the Yahoo API and is a bit faster than yfinance You can find documentation here https://pypi.org/project/yahooquery/1.1.0/

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