Is it possible for TeamCity to integrate to JIRA like how Bamboo integrates to JIRA? I couldnt find any documentation on JetBrains website that talks about issue-tracker integration.

FYI: I heard that TeamCity is coming out with their own tracker called Charisma. Is that true?


TeamCity 5 EAP has support for showing issues from Jira on the tabs of your build.

EAP Release Notes

you still don't have the integration in Jira itself which I would prefer

alt text

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There is this plugin https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.stiltsoft.jira.teamcity

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    It's worth noting that this plugin is (still) incompatible with Atlassian's hosted offering: JIRA Cloud (formerly known as JIRA OnDemand). – chrnola Oct 30 '14 at 21:08

TeamCity does not have extensive integration with JIRA as Bamboo does, and I am not aware of a plugin that provides it. TeamCity does however, offer a generic integration option to external sites which can be used for basic JIRA integration.

From their documentation:

TeamCity allows to map patterns in VCS change comments to arbitrary HTML pieces using regular expression search and replace patterns. One of the most common usages is to map an issue ID mentioning into a hyperlink to the issue page in the issue tracking system.

Read more here: Mapping External Links in Comments

I haven't set this up yet on our local TeamCity, so I can't testify as to how well it works.

  • that Jira mapping worked for me without having to change the regex. Result. – Squirrel Aug 19 '09 at 16:23

Yes, they are comming out with their own issue tracker. Read more in this blogpost: first eap for jetbrains issue tracker Charisma

you can try it here Charisma and here you can see video for some of the features

you can download the EAP version from here Charisma EAP download

  • I think Charisma was the internal name for what is now YouTrack – mdoar Aug 23 '12 at 19:56

TeamCity does have a free plugin for Atlassian Confluence. Its provides a nice way to show your build status on your wiki.

You can find it in the Atlassian marketplace:



TeamCity has 3 build in Issue Tracking Systems:

1.BugZilla 2.JIRA 3.YouTrack

And there's a way to install the custom plugin for other ITS. I did an integration with FogBugz issue tracking system with TeamCity 9.x. https://github.com/jozefizso/teamcity-fogbugz

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