I'd like to fetch a large file from an url, but it always raises a DeadLineExceededError, although I have tried with a TaskQueue and put deadline=600 to fetch. The problem comes from the fetch, so Backends cannot help here : even if i'd launched a backend with a TaskQueue, i'd had 24h to return, but there 'd be still the limit of 10 min with the fetch, ya ?

Is there a way to fetch from a particular offset of file to an other offset ? So could I split the fetch and after put all parts together ?

Any ideas ?

Actually the file to fetch is not really large : between 15 and 30 MB, but the server is likely overwhelmingly slow and constantly fired ...


If the server supports it, you can supply the HTTP Range header to specify a subset of the file that you want to fetch. If the content is being served statically, the server will probably respect range requests; if it's dynamic, it depends on whether the author of the code that generates the response allowed for them.

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