I am working on Euler 8. After a bit of reading i decided that use of the map function would solve a problem for me. Throwing a simple test program together to make sure I understood the concepts came up short.

From within the shell.

1> List = {3, 1, 4}.

2> io:format("oh my ~w ~n", [List]).
oh my {3,1,4}

3> lists:map(fun (Z) -> Z * Z end , List).
** exception error: no function clause matching

I see the fun, and the list in the message. What concept am I missing here?

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your List is actually a tuple. {} is for tuples, [] is for lists.

your example should be:

1> List = [3,1,4].
2> lists:map(fun(Z) -> Z*Z end, List).
  • Good Lord, I will have my wife make me an optometrist appointment right away. Thanks guys. – EvilTeach Sep 26 '11 at 13:56

You are trying to apply lists:map function on tuple. Initiate List = [3,1,4] not as List = {3,1,4} and apply the same function, you will get desired output.

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