I am trying to get Hot Module Replacement to work.

When running: npm install && ng build --configuration development && ng serve --hmr no error is thrown. However, all the paths proxied via the proxy.conf.js are not working to be displayed in the frontend and the following page is shown:

enter image description here

In general, I am working on an application generated with J-Hipster that uses proxy.conf.js and webpack.custom.js to generate the proxying. Everything works fine on paths that are not proxied via proxy.conf.js. The backend is running on port 8080.

I would appreciate any hint about what is going on here.

My prox.conf.js:

function setupProxy({ tls }) {
  const conf = [
      context: [
      target: `http${tls ? 's' : ''}://localhost:8080`,
      secure: false,
      changeOrigin: tls,
  return conf;

module.exports = setupProxy;

The relevant part of the webpack.custom.js:

if (targetOptions.target === 'serve' || config.watch) {
      new BrowserSyncPlugin(
          host: 'localhost',
          port: 9001,
          https: tls,
          proxy: {
            target: `http${tls ? 's' : ''}://localhost:4200`,
            ws: true,
            proxyOptions: {
              changeOrigin: false, //pass the Host header to the backend unchanged  https://github.com/Browsersync/browser-sync/issues/430
          socket: {
            clients: {
              heartbeatTimeout: 60000,
          ghostMode: { // uncomment this part to disable BrowserSync ghostMode; https://github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster/issues/11116
            clicks: false,
            location: false,
            forms: false,
            scroll: false,
          reload: targetOptions.target === 'build', // enabled for build --watch


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