I'm trying to build a web page in which I want to use google suggested city/state name combinations when user starts typing their address, it auto completes the city and state just like in google maps.

For reference visit this URL:

Google Maps

When someone start typing in top left green A box. it gives you auto suggested list.

Can any one help me do the same thing for my web site? Or is there such google api exist that I can use?


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Job for the Places AutoComplete API :-)



  • Thanks for your interest. Google Maps JavaScript API V3 did the trick for me. I got the answer before your suggestion. Commented Sep 27, 2011 at 6:43

Is there a reason it has to be google suggested names?

Here's an api that provides autocomplete for city names plus a lot of extra data you can squeeze out about the city (population, life quality data, even photo)


more specifically the widget http://developers.teleport.org/api/autocomplete_widget/


google does not provide such a service for autosugest, google does have a service for getting the geocodes and more, when you have the full address.

take a look in this post, where i had the same issue, i'm looking for a service that gives me the city names and addresses

there was a suggestion from someone to use geonames.com as a service, but i'm not sure they have streetnames as well...

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