I am diverting user to some url through window.location but this url opens in the same tab in browser. I want it to be open in new tab. Can I do so with window.location? Is there another way to do this action?


I don't think there's a way to do this, unless you're writing a browser extension. You could try using window.open and hoping that the user has their browser set to open new windows in new tabs.

window.open('https://support.wwf.org.uk', '_blank');

The second parameter is what makes it open in a new window. Don't forget to read Jakob Nielsen's informative article :)

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    but what if your browsers has blocked settings on popup? this will not wok. – pregmatch Aug 5 '17 at 11:01
  • @Alex meh...not really the "right" answer. Trying this in Firefox, where I prevent pop-up windows, this code fails. – TARKUS Dec 2 '19 at 16:32

You can even use

window.open('https://support.wwf.org.uk', "_blank") || window.location.replace('https://support.wwf.org.uk');

This will open it on the same tab if the pop-up is blocked.


This works for me on Chrome 53. Haven't tested anywhere else:

function navigate(href, newTab) {
   var a = document.createElement('a');
   a.href = href;
   if (newTab) {
      a.setAttribute('target', '_blank');

with jQuery its even easier and works on Chrome as well

$('#your-button').on('click', function(){
       $('<a href="https://www.some-page.com" target="blank"></a>')[0].click();    

Rather going for pop up,I personally liked this solution, mentioned on this Question thread JavaScript: location.href to open in new window/tab?

        var t               = $(this), 
            URL             = t.attr('data-href');        
        $('<a href="'+ URL +'" target="_blank">External Link</a>')[0].click();


Working example.


We have to dynamically set the attribute target="_blank" and it will open it in new tab. document.getElementsByTagName("a")[0].setAttribute('target', '_blank')


If you want to open in new window, get the href link and use window.open

var link = document.getElementsByTagName("a")[0].getAttribute("href");

window.open(url, "","height=500,width=500");

Don't provide the second parameter as _blank in the above.

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