I want to generate an app with a package structure and project directories that I have determined in Jhipster. Can I generate the application according to a package structure that I have determined in Jhipster?

For example I want to packages' names as:

xx.com.xx. project name. inner project name. service or library name

And for example I want to generate the spring project files as this package structure:



If I can, how can I do it, can you give a short example? I'm pretty new to this, I hope I explained what I wanted to say.

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    Can you please update your question to include what you'd like to do vs what JHipster does? Feb 23 at 13:58
  • I edited my question I hope I could explained what I wanted to. Feb 24 at 5:39

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You should be able to use @EntityPackage in your JDL to modify where entity files are put when you generate them. Example JDL:


  • Thank you response, but I want to create a package structure for all related classes for example dto, repository etc. That solution does not effect this related classes. For example I want a structure like the mapper package under the dto package, but the default package structure both dto, and mapper packages under the service package. How can I solve this problem? Mar 3 at 7:57
  • The easiest way is probably to use your IDE to refactor things after you generate the classes. The hardest way is to create a new blueprint that overrides the backend and puts files where you want them. Mar 3 at 14:04

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