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Validate email address in JavaScript?

I want to validate emailid using JavaScript. I am using following code:

var emailPat = /^(\".*\"|[A-Za-z]\w*)@(\[\d{1,3}(\.\d{1,3}){3}]|[A-Za-z]\w*(\.[A-Za-z]\w*)+)$/ ;
var emailid=document.getElementById("<%=txtEmail.ClientID %>").value; 
var matchArray = emailid.match(emailPat);
if (txtemail.value!="")
  if (matchArray == null)
        alert("Your email address seems to be incorrect. \n Please type the proper email address and try again.") 
        return false

This code is working for emails like, abc@xyz.com

But when i enter valid mailid like ab.cd@xyz.com or abc@xy-z.com, it is showing alert. What changes should I do in my coding, so it will not show alert for valid mail ids like above? Can anyone give me suggestions?

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Nice info with many examples:


btw: + is valid character, I hate validators where I can't enter myemail+somenote@gmail.com (because gmail supports this)



Use whichever suits you best.


I'd try changing your regular expression to this:


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