i have CSS code that does not really work on webkit browsers such as safari and chrome

if you want live example here it is http://jsfiddle.net/mnjKX/1/

i have this CSS code

.file-wrapper {
    cursor: pointer;
    display: inline-block;
    overflow: hidden;
    position: relative;
.file-wrapper input {
    cursor: pointer;
    font-size: 100px;
    height: 100%;
    filter: alpha(opacity=1);
    -moz-opacity: 0.01;
    opacity: 0.01;
    position: absolute;
    right: 0;
    top: 0;
.file-wrapper .button {
    background: #79130e;
    -moz-border-radius: 5px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 5px;
    border-radius: 5px;
    color: #fff;
    cursor: pointer;
    display: inline-block;
    font-size: 11px;
    font-weight: bold;
    margin-right: 5px;
    padding: 4px 18px;
    text-transform: uppercase;

and this HTML code :

<span class="file-wrapper">
   <input type="file" name="photo" id="photo" />
   <span class="button">Choose a Photo</span>

this code shows hidden input file tag , the problem here is that the cursor:pointer is does not work on webkit browsers ,

how can i solve it or bypass / overtake this ?

  • cursor:pointer is working fine here. – Quentin Sep 26 '11 at 12:12
  • @Quentin: Not for me. I looked at the fiddle on Chrome 14 and no pointer cursor is shown anywhere. – BoltClock Sep 26 '11 at 12:13
  • It appears that Chrome doesn't apply the cursor:pointer rule to <input type="file"> elements: jsfiddle.net/mnjKX/8 – Šime Vidas Sep 26 '11 at 12:15
  • 1
    It's working fine in Chrome – Ehtesham Sep 26 '11 at 12:18
  • @Šime Vidas — It does, but the default value isn't inherit so you have to style the pointer for the input explicitly … but then it applies only to the text field part and not the button part. – Quentin Sep 26 '11 at 12:18

For starters, it works in Chrome if you remove the height declaration from the input rule.

Live demo: http://jsfiddle.net/mnjKX/16/

But this transparent input field is a hell of a hack... I wouldn't rely on it.


And here is the proper solution:

::-webkit-file-upload-button { cursor:pointer; }

I thought the file upload button is unreachable, but Chrome's user agent style sheet proved my wrong :)

  • wow that's works great ! thanks , but what you mean for starters? – some Folk Sep 26 '11 at 12:43
  • @Mor It's just too hackish. I don't see my answer as a complete solution. – Šime Vidas Sep 26 '11 at 12:46
  • @MorSela I found the proper solution... – Šime Vidas Sep 26 '11 at 13:02
  • Very nice, you can also reverse the button with -webkit-rtl-ordering: left; – mr-euro Mar 29 '12 at 11:02
  • 1
    Cool ::-webkit-file-upload-button { cursor:pointer; } solved my problem – Muhammad Tahir Dec 26 '14 at 7:59

An interesting (cross-browser) solution I came up with:

Give the input a CSS property of cursor:pointer, place the input in a div (with overflow:hidden) and give the input a left padding of 100%. The padded area will have the pointer property.

I personally don't trust -webkit and -moz fixes because I feel like they are arbitrary and temporary, and will be replaced soon.

  • Very nice solution. I happen to have my input wrapped in its own form, so this works like a charm, no extra div required :) – Dogoku Oct 16 '13 at 9:13
  • clever. i'm always super paranoid about nuances like this suddenly changing for no reason – c.. Apr 7 '14 at 20:00
  • thanks ! it's great work ! – GuaHsu Sep 23 '17 at 2:48
  • Love this hack, made it so easy to get the cursor pointer working :D – sharno Dec 17 '17 at 23:38

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