I just started using neovim and I am having issues trying to copy codes from neovim to system clipboard. I wanted to share some line of code and I am unable to copy the code into the system clipbooard.

I have tried lots of solutions. I have zero knowledge on lua. I copied a config file i liked and that is what I am using so i don't know what I am doing. Some of the things I have tried is installing win32yank,

vim.cmd [[
    let g:clipboard = {
      \   'name': 'win32yank-wsl',
      \   'copy': {
      \      '+': 'win32yank.exe -i --crlf',
      \      '*': 'win32yank.exe -i --crlf',
      \    },
      \   'paste': {
      \      '+': 'win32yank.exe -o --lf',
      \      '*': 'win32yank.exe -o --lf',
      \   },
      \   'cache_enabled': 0,
      \ }

I have also tried

let g:clipboard = {
    \   'name': 'WslClipboard',
    \   'copy': {
    \      '+': 'clip.exe',
    \      '*': 'clip.exe',
    \    },
    \   'paste': {
    \      '+': 'powershell.exe -c [Console]::Out.Write($(Get-Clipboard -Raw).tostring().replace("`r", ""))',
    \      '*': 'powershell.exe -c [Console]::Out.Write($(Get-Clipboard -Raw).tostring().replace("`r", ""))',
    \   },
    \   'cache_enabled': 0,
    \ }

Like i said ealier, I don't know what i am doing. I need help please.


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I guess you are using lua but the problem is that both the snippets you shared are in vim script.

First of all, check if yank/paste is setup to use system clipboard or not. Add this to your config to enable yanking/pasting on system clipboard directly:

  • If you are using init.lua, then add vim.opt.clipboard = "unnamedplus".
  • Incase of init.vim, add set clipboard+=unnamedplus.


Since we are on WSL, there are couple of things we need to take care before setting up clipboard:

  1. Remove xclip from your system if already installed. It is known to cause problems with WSL.
  2. We also need to take care of line endings (CRLF->LF) when pasting on Neovim. we can use sed to remove all occurences of /r(CR) at the end of the line.

Now we have two options for copy-pasting across Linux and Windows:

WSLg (Fast)

Here, we rely on WSLg to sync Linux (Wayland) system clipboard with Windows one. Make sure wl-clipboard is installed on your system. and WSLg is enabled. You can check if wslg is enabled by running following command and checking if WSLg version is shown or not:

$ wsl.exe --version
WSL version:
Kernel version:
WSLg version: 1.0.51                   
MSRDC version: 1.2.3770
Direct3D version: 1.608.2-61064218
DXCore version: 10.0.25131.1002-220531-1700.rs-onecore-base2-hyp
Windows version: 10.0.22621.1778

Finally, add following lines to your init.lua:

if vim.fn.has("wsl") == 1 then
    if vim.fn.executable("wl-copy") == 0 then
        print("wl-clipboard not found, clipboard integration won't work")
        vim.g.clipboard = {
            name = "wl-clipboard (wsl)",
            copy = {
                ["+"] = 'wl-copy --foreground --type text/plain',
                ["*"] = 'wl-copy --foreground --primary --type text/plain',
            paste = {
                ["+"] = (function()
                    return vim.fn.systemlist('wl-paste --no-newline|sed -e "s/\r$//"', {''}, 1) -- '1' keeps empty lines
                ["*"] = (function() 
                    return vim.fn.systemlist('wl-paste --primary --no-newline|sed -e "s/\r$//"', {''}, 1)
            cache_enabled = true

Calling Windows commands from WSL (slow)

This works regardless of whether WSLg is enabled or not.

  1. Download win32yank.exe from here or use following commands:
curl -sLo/tmp/win32yank.zip https://github.com/equalsraf/win32yank/releases/download/v0.1.1/win32yank-x64.zip
unzip -p /tmp/win32yank.zip win32yank.exe > /tmp/win32yank.exe
chmod +x /tmp/win32yank.exe
sudo mv /tmp/win32yank.exe /usr/local/bin/
  1. make sure /usr/local/bin is in $PATH.

  2. Add following to init.lua:

vim.g.clipboard = {
    name = 'win32yank-wsl',
    copy = {
        ['+'] =  'win32yank.exe -i --crlf',
        ['*'] =  'win32yank.exe -i --crlf',
    paste = {
        ['+'] = 'win32yank.exe -o --lf',
        ['*'] = 'win32yank.exe -o --lf',
    cache_enabled = true,

Happy Vimming!


I am using Windows. So the code below might help. Here is what I use in my init.lua file. It map the yank operation for example [yy] to ["+yy],the ["+yy] means using ["+] register perform [yy] operation. ["+] register is the register that direct interact with system clipboard.

-- set system clipboard

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