I'm trying to printf debug my Visual Studio project file by spewing messages to the console like this:

<Target Name="BeforeBuild">
  <Message Text="+++++++++++++++++++++++ Justin Dearing ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" />

This works from the command line:

  +++++++++++++++++++++++ Justin Dearing ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

However, the messages don't show up in the Visual Studio 2010 build output. Is there an alternative MSBuild task I can use, or a setting in Visual Studio I can enable to make these messages appear?


Add the Importance attribute with value High to Message.

Like this:

<Message Importance="High" Text="+++ Justin Dearing +++" />

To change the build output verbosity shown in the Visual Studio 2010 window, open the Options dialog and select the Build and Run settings below the Projects and Solutions node.

Unless you explicitly specify a low message importance, your messages should show up at Normal verbosity or higher.

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    Rather than changing the settings, I made my message importance High so I don't get more verbozity than I need. Thanks! – Justin Dearing Sep 26 '11 at 16:22
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    Here's how this is done in code: <Message Importance="High" Text="..."/>. (Reference) – Sebastian Krysmanski Apr 30 '13 at 11:33
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    @SebastianKrysmanski Please consider to turn you comment about <Message Importance="High" Text="..."/> into a separate answer because it is highly useful and thus more people will benefit from it. Thank you. – ogggre Nov 19 '15 at 16:30
  • Another idea is to set the Condition parameter of the Message task so that it is of high importance when in Debug mode but low when in Release. – Samir Aguiar Oct 28 '17 at 15:13

For anyone reading this with MSBuild 16, bear in mind that you can't use message at the project level. You now need to first define InitialTargets

<Project InitialTargets="Test" ...

And then create a task to place the message in:

  <Target Name="Test">
      <Message Importance="High" Text="A Message" />

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