i have uploaded new binary as a new version of my application and at the time of uploading binary, i select the option that "I Will Release this version" means i just put it in "Hold for Developer Release".

Suppose my application is approved by apple and i dont want to release that version then what i have to do.is it possible to reject that binary or remove that version from iTunes connect?

From itunes connect guide

NOTE: You can only use the Version Release Control on app updates. It is not available for the first version of your app since you already have the ability to control when your first version goes live, using the Availability Date setting within Rights and Pricing. If you decide that you do not want to ever release a Pending Developer Release version, you can reject your binary to submit a new one. You are not permitted to skip over an entire version

From this, we can remove that option from our application at any version upload. but can we reject after application is approved by apple?

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Yes you can reject it!

Click on your "New version" > "Binary Details" > "Reject Binary"

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    The button is still present. Just rejected an app after approval. It's in the Binary Details. – Alberto M Mar 28 '14 at 11:33
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    This is the proper way to reject a binary, but you cannot reject a binary at all times...there are only certain app statuses when this is possible (granted, your app is likely to have one of these statuses). For instance, if you are pending contract, you cannot reject a binary. Apple's docs for rejecting a binary make this very clear: You can reject the binary you’ve submitted if its status is any of the following: Missing Screenshot (iOS only) Waiting For Export Compliance Waiting For Review In Review Pending Developer Release Pending Apple Release – BFar Aug 26 '14 at 23:26
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Paras, once you submit a new binary, it goes to the end of the queue for review!

I see a few possible cases related with your question:

  1. You have no app yet, you submitted an app and waiting for review. Assume that you found a problem with the submitted app, and you wanted to provide a new one. Just submit the new binary, but remember, it will replace the original submission, it will go to the end of the queue and it will wait for review as before.

  2. You have an app on the AppStore, and you wanted to provide an update for the app. As usual, submit your app, and wait to be notified. Once it is approved, your new app will be available to your users.

  3. You have an app on the AppStore, you want to remove it from sales immediately, and provide an update: In this case, you can go to Manage Your Apps in your iTunes Connect, select the app and click on Rights and Pricing then choose an Availability Date in the future.

You get a warning message as following: "You have selected an Available Date in the future. This will remove your currently live version from the App Store until the new date. Changing Available Date affects all versions of the application, both Ready For Sale and In Review."

That is fine, your app still in the store but not be in the sales. Now you provide your update and wait for the approval, once you get it, go ahead and set your app's availability date accordingly!

I hope that answers your question, and good luck on the mobile apps :)


Read what they say. The answer is right in front of you :)

'If you decide that you do not want to ever release a Pending Developer Release version, you can reject your binary to submit a new one'


You can remove your app from the AppStore any time you want.

For that, simply go to itunesconnect.apple.com and on the "Manage your Application", choose the "Rights & Pricing" button then click on the "specific stores" link.

From there you can select in which stores your app will be in sale. You can then deselect all the countries so that your app won't be visible in any store.

From the iTunes Connect portal:

Select the App Stores where your app will be sold. Note that if you deselect all territories, your app will be removed from sale in all App Stores worldwide.


To reject a approved release, select the approved release in iTunesConnect and at the top of the profile is a link "Cancel this release"

enter image description here

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Bit of an update.

If you have an app with Developer Release and The app has been approved then The Web iTunes Connect does not provide any method to reject the binary, only a release button.

There is however a Reject Binary option still available on the iPhone iTunesConnect App.

So if you find yourself with this issue

  1. Start the iTunesConnect App

  2. Select the manage option

  3. Tap on your apps pending version release

  4. Select the 'Reject Binary' button

Hope that helps.

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It appears that you can not reject a app after it is approved by Apple. One possible sequence is to release the approved version for sale in only some tiny country for an hour, then remove it from sale and submit a new update.

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