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Hi I need to download all the image from this list, the image itself is not direct link.

https://www.festo.com/cat/en-us_us/xDKI.asp?xB=PartNo%3B1145086%3BPIC&xR=DKI3BlobServerV1 https://www.festo.com/cat/en-us_us/xDKI.asp?xB=PartNo%3B1145092%3BPIC&xR=DKI3BlobServerV1 https://www.festo.com/cat/en-us_us/xDKI.asp?xB=PartNo%3B1145098%3BPIC&xR=DKI3BlobServerV1 https://www.festo.com/cat/en-us_us/xDKI.asp?xB=PartNo%3B1145104%3BPIC&xR=DKI3BlobServerV1

Doing it manually, I need to open the link and then save the image manually by right clicking it and choose save image as, since the image is all uploaded with the same name, I need to rename it to the title in the next cell

Any idea to automate it?


So far, I tried to use macro, but it failed or at least it's not consistent enought to produce good result

  • Please provide enough code so others can better understand or reproduce the problem.
    – Community Bot
    Mar 5 at 12:49


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