Is there a way to convert below time difference in terms of years and months?

as.Date(Sys.Date()) - as.Date("2015-08-20")
Time difference of 2753 days

Expected output (Since it app.. around 7 years and 5 months?


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You may try the below code


months <- time_length(as.numeric(difftime(as.Date(Sys.Date()) , as.Date("2015-08-20"), units = 'days')), 'month')

years <- time_length(as.numeric(difftime(as.Date(Sys.Date()) , as.Date("2015-08-20"), units = 'days')), 'year')

A trick using only base R is to add the difftime on to the first of January in the year 0 AD (this exists in R even if it didn't technically exist in reality).

The resulting date is the number of years, months and days of the difftime (with an extra day, which is easy to subtract)

(as.POSIXct('0000-01-01') + (as.Date(Sys.Date()) - as.Date("2015-08-20"))) |>
  as.character() |>
  strsplit('-') |>
  getElement(1) |>
  as.numeric() |>
  setNames(c('years', 'months', 'days')) - c(0, 0, 1)
#>  years months   days 
#>      7      7     15

Created on 2023-03-04 with reprex v2.0.2


Here's an alternate method using timeplyr.

start <- as.Date("2015-08-20")
end <- as.Date("2023-03-04")


time_diff(start, end, "months")
#> [1] 90.42857
time_diff(start, end, "years")
#> [1] 7.536986

Created on 2023-11-27 with reprex v2.0.2

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