I have a feature to link whatsapp to Facebook Page. In order to check if the page is already linked with a whatsapp number, the fields has_whatsapp_number and whatsapp_number are used. To check if it's a whatsapp business account, has_whatsapp_business_number is used.

Reference : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/page/#fields

But the three fields are not working. The documentation says "Can be read with Page Public Content Access or Page Public Metadata Access". I am an admin of the app, so I have standard access to these features. I have a page linked with Whatsapp. When I try to read those fields, API is not returning any data.


  • I am not seeing the fields in the results for pages that have has_transitioned_to_new_page_experience = true, only for those that still don't have it - probably related (although I could not tell you, how exactly.)
    – CBroe
    Mar 6 at 11:38


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