I want to change the switch control text YES/NO in place of ON/OFF , i am not know is it possible or not. if its possible and any one know about it please help me?


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I think its not possible to change the text of switch in proper way, but every problem has minimum one solution so for your problem you have to create the custom switch control for help download the code from

here 1 : http://www.xprogress.com/post-30-uiswitch-tutorial-example-how-to-use-the-switch-in-xcode-for-iphone-sample-included/

2 : http://www.catamount.com/blog/1063/uicustomswitch-customizing-uiswitch-color-it-change-labels/

3 : help check this also http://www.xprogress.com/post-30-uiswitch-tutorial-example-how-to-use-the-switch-in-xcode-for-iphone-sample-included/

Thanks, Raj


There is no way to change this two values in easy way.

You can look here: http://www.catamount.com/blog/1063/uicustomswitch-customizing-uiswitch-color-it-change-labels/

but this solution make custom UISwitch which got other graphics


I currently use this open source library called RCSwitch . Much more robust than the others mentioned.

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