Setup : Firefox, Windows 10.

Scenario :

  • Generate a picture with bright colors (e.g. https://www.color-meanings.com/wp-content/uploads/bright-colors-abstract-drawing-1024x487.jpeg )
  • Upload it to your Facebook WALL using DRAG&DROP. That excludes uploading the image into your personal Facebook pictures galleries, and that excludes doing so by taking the picture directly from the file ("browse" button). It has to come from Windows' clipboard (In my case, Windows 10) and it has to go to a Facebook status.
  • Finish up (post the Facebook status and by doing so, the picture).

EXCPECTED (Good) : The picture gets compressed but is not deeply changed.

OBSERVED (Bad) : The colours have becomes completely desaturated. I'm not talking about some nitpicky change in the colorimetry that will upset graphic designers. I'm saying that the picture looks all greyish.

This behaviour is consistent across all pictures. Any picture becomes greyish. Plus, if you keep reposting the same picture that you drag&drop from the immediate previous status (i.e. in a loop), it ends up being entirely gray-scaled very fast.

I've only started noticing this behaviour for only a few months; it wasn't always like that. A year at the most.

Again: Degradation due to behind-the-scenes recompression is very common for websites. But this is just ridiculous. I am also aware of gazillions of similar questions in Stack Overflow but those are 10 years old; Facebook's codebase has evolved beyond recognition now.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a solution? Is this a known issue?



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