When a costumer want to use our app they need to grant us acces to a couple of permissions and features that we need to use. At this point only the default permissions are shown. But I need to have my customers also give us acces to the the 'pages_manage_posts', 'pages_read_engagement' and 'pages_show_list' permissions. We had a successfull review and the permission are active in our facebook app environment.

for reference we have a social media planner tool. Our app will post messages on page(s) in behave of our customers. in the past all functions worked great. Until recently we(customers and I) are able to see all pages, grant acces to all those pages, but we cant post on those pages. Posting will give us an 200 permission error.

We have approved advanced permissions

But it isn't showing when we want to connect as a customer

Customer doesn't see the permissions

Old connections are still available. There the post permission is still there to approve or disapprove.

old instance still available

Thank you for your help.

We reviewed all different facebook account options. The only option left is to go through the app review again.


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