I am looking to implement a client side RDFa based formatting for a web application. This would be similar to Mark Birbeck's ubiquity-rdfa project.

Mark's project looks fantastic but it has at least two drawbacks:

  1. It is slow. Adding RDFa formatting to a simple page causes a noticeable delay in page loading.
  2. It is complex. The ubiquity-rdfa project makes use of the w3c fresnel specification which is complex way to add simple annotations to client markup.

I am looking for a lighter weight way of adding annotations through client code and I don't mind doing some work to get it.

What I would like is a fast and reliable Javascript RDFa parser.

Some implementations that I have found include:

I am interested to know if you would recommend one of these, or another, RDFa Javascript implementation.



I had good experiences with the RDfa parser in rdfQuery. Source code is here.


VIE contains a reasonably simple RDFa parser and writer. RDFa entities on a page become accessible as Backbone.js models and collections. Writing RDFa happens via updating Backbone model contents, which triggers a render action on a View.

In this case the RDFa parsing happens with jQuery.

VIE source code is available in github.com/bergie/VIE

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