Assume I have three tables: posts, tags, and posts_tags. Posts store all the posts in my blog, tags stores all the different tags, and posts_tags stores the relationship between the two. For example, if the post with the id 2 is tagged with a tag with the id 3, posts_tags would store this relationship.

I want to construct a query where I can get all the posts tagged with a given id, and the other tags associated with those posts. For example, I want to be able to find all the posts tagged with 'programming' and all other tags associated with that post in one query.

Currently, I am using two queries: one to find the posts tagged with a given tag, and one to find all tags for those posts.

Is there any way to combine these queries into just one query?


This query will return all posts that have the tag :search_tag and a second column listing, in a comma-delimited string, all other tags (not including the one you searched for) that apply to that post. If the post has only the tag you request, it will appear in the list but the "additional_tags" column will be NULL).

 SELECT posts.id, GROUP_CONCAT(post_tags.tag) AS additional_tags
   FROM posts LEFT OUTER JOIN post_tags ON posts.id = post_tags.post_id
   WHERE posts.id IN (SELECT post_id FROM post_tags WHERE tag = :search_tag)
   AND post_tags.tag <> :search_tag
   GROUP BY posts.id

Suppose your "programming" id is 1 and u want to get all posts with tag id 1

Select * from posts where tag_id in (select id from tag where id=1)
  • This answers only the first part of the question, and tabdulla already has a query that does that. The trick is to answer both parts in a single query. – Larry Lustig Sep 27 '11 at 16:01

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