I already use a function do delete all files and folders within a certain folder.

function rrmdir($dir) {
    if (is_dir($dir)) {
        $objects = scandir($dir);
        foreach ($objects as $object) {
            if ($object != "." && $object != "..") {
                if (filetype($dir."/".$object) == "dir") rrmdir($dir."/".$object); else unlink($dir."/".$object);

What I want to do now is: adapt that function to only delete files and folders older than 60 minutes (for instance).

There's a php function 'filetime' that I believe it gives the file/folder age, but I don't know how to delete specifically files older than "x" minutes.


This construct will delete files older than 60 minutes (3600 seconds) using the filemtime() function:

if (filemtime($object) < time() - 3600) {
  // Remove empty directories...
  if (is_dir($object)) rmdir($object);
  // Or delete files...
  else unlink($object);

Note that for rmdir() to work, the directory must be empty.

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