I'm currently using this example in my application


which overlays the left side of the map with a lay that you can extend over your base map.

I need this exact functionality however flipped so that the layer that overlays is on the left.

This is the guts of the code that does the slice

this.imagery = this.createCompareLayer()


    this.imagery.on('prerender', function (event) {
      const gl = <WebGLRenderingContext> event.context;

      const mapSize = map.getSize(); // [width, height] in CSS pixels

     // get render coordinates and dimensions given CSS coordinates
      const bottomLeft = getRenderPixel(event, [0, mapSize[1]]);
      const topRight = getRenderPixel(event, [mapSize[0], 0]);

      const width = (topRight[0] - bottomLeft[0]) * (Number(swipe.value) / 100);
      const height = topRight[1] - bottomLeft[1];
      gl.scissor(bottomLeft[0], bottomLeft[1], width, height);

I've tried moving the bottomLeft to the center but I'm not sure this is the right approach.


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change the layer order from [osm, imagery] to [imagery, osm]


calculate the width as the width of the right side

  const width = Math.round(
    (topRight[0] - bottomLeft[0]) * (1 - swipe.value / 100)

and then change the start position of the scissor

  gl.scissor(topRight[0] - width, bottomLeft[1], width, height);
  • Thank You!! Can this be done with a Vector Objects layer or does it have to be a TileLayer?
    – Funn_Bobby
    Mar 16 at 19:36

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