I try to build my project on M1 Mac (AARCH64) platform with cabal:

cabal --with-compiler="/Users/Me/.stack/programs/x86_64-osx/ghc-9.2.3/bin/ghc" --store-dir=.cabal-store build

and it fails with error:

Failed to build bzlib-conduit-
Build log ( /Users/Me/.cabal/logs/ghc-9.2.3/bzlb-cndt-
Configuring library for bzlib-conduit-
Preprocessing library for bzlib-conduit-
src/Data/Conduit/BZlib/Internal.hsc:8 directive strict_import cannot be handled in cross-compilation mode
Error: cabal: Failed to build bzlib-conduit-

I tried to run cabal command in subshell running as arch -x86_64 zsh, but the result is the same.

How to fix it?

EDIT: I try to get x86_64 executable on this platform.

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After many experiments: unlike stack tool, cabal binary built for x86_64 should be used. Everything else is the same. arch -x86_64 is not required. But GHC binary should be right - built for x86_64 platform as well.

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