Web site apps used by teacher in Chrome previously had no issues until recently. Other forum information was too old or not applicable. Found resolution for this case, and posting here for the benefit of others.


Logged into a local account to see if the issue persisted; it did not, indicating it was a user-specific issue.

Went back to affected user account and changed the following folder:

/Users/first.last/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome


/Users/first.last/Library/Application Support/Google/ChromeTemp

[Tip: Be careful with the users Chrome account to make sure it is syncing before changing the folder name, since this will create a new 'Chrome' folder in that path. When they log into their Chrome account in a new Chrome folder, it will ask if they want to sync - if they do sync now, when they weren't syncing before, they may lose their recent Chrome data (bookmarks, etc) - possibly everything if it was never synced! Glad I caught that before the user told it to sync in that new Chrome folder!]


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