I am completely new to the JMeter, so question might be silly and pretty simple. I am trying to test my C++ executable compress in JMeter by using OS Process Sampler, but get an error. I also test everything in cmd and it works in there. I feel like problem is related with command field and maybe I need to also add command parameters. The path to the executable is: "/Users/armanenginsucu/Projects/CERN:GSoC/compress"

Following is the picture of the paths that I passed to the sampler: enter image description here This is the error I get: enter image description here

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From the error it clearly states that - it cannot find the file (./compress doc.docx)

  1. It is better to provide the full path for the file (/Users/armanenginsucu/Projects/compress\ doc.docx)
  2. You need to provide escaping sequence for the spaces (compress\ doc.docx) - alternatively you can rename the file without spaces

Hopefully that will resolve your issue

  • Thank you for your comment. I provide the full path: /Users/armanenginsucu/Projects/CERN:GSoC/compress. and ./compress doc.docx is the command to execute the executable. I have read that command sectin of jmeter should be in this format: "/path/to/your/executable command arguments". But clearly smt is wrong. I also tried to provide escaping sequences but problem remains unfortunately Mar 19 at 0:04
  • You can try providing the input file path in command parameters field
    – rollno748
    Mar 19 at 0:09

Command-line arguments is a feature of Unix shell

My expectation is that you need to amend your OS Process Sampler configuration to look like:

enter image description here

Alternatively you can use JSR223 Sampler and the following Groovy code

"/bin/zsh /Users/armanenginsucu/Projects/CERN:GSoC/compress /Users/armanenginsucu/Projects/CERN:GSoC/compress/doc.docx".execute().text

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