My goal is to crop pictures so that their bottom part is a clean-cut of a horizontal rectangle. Imagine a picture on a slide, and a rectangle covering its lower part -- the picture should be cropped as if the rectangle was still covering it.

The working code to crop the top part:

Dim oSh As Shape

oSh.PictureFormat.Crop.ShapeTop = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.Shapes("Horizontal Shape For Upper Crop").Top + ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.Shapes("Horizontal Shape For Upper Crop").Height

Cropping the bottom is different. I think I tried every combination of .Crop.ShapeBottom and .CropBottom with oSh.Height, oSh.Top, and the "Horizontal Shape for Lower Crop"'s Height and Top properties. Any combination of sums and/or differences crops too much or too little.

Is there a direct way to crop the picture to the height I want "by the amount"?

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I recently had the same need for a macro I developed, and like you I could not find a way to crop the image. So I turned to Merge-Fragmenting the image with a shape and then deleting the exceeding resulting shape (as there will be 2). In your case probably it would be enough to use msoMergeSubtract instead (see here).This is not the canonical answer, but it worked in my case. You can implement this by creating the shape before this loop, in my case it exists already. I adapted this code to my needs.

Dim focusImage As PowerPoint.shape
Dim focusCrop As PowerPoint.shape
Dim pastedFocusCrop As PowerPoint.shape
Dim pastedFocusImage As PowerPoint.shape

Set pptSlide = pptPresentation.Slides.Add(slideIndex + 1,

  Set focusImage =
  Set focusCrop =

                    Set pastedFocusCrop = pptSlide.Shapes(pptSlide.Shapes.Count)

                    Set pastedFocusImage = pptSlide.Shapes(pptSlide.Shapes.Count)

                Dim aShapeArray As PowerPoint.ShapeRange 'Variant
                Dim oRange As PowerPoint.ShapeRange

                    Set aShapeArray = pptPresentation.Slides(pptPresentation.Slides.Count).Shapes.Range(Array(pastedFocusCrop.name,
                    Set oRange = aShapeArray
                    oRange.MergeShapes (msoMergeFragment)

                    '' Set the name of the merged shape

                    pptSlide.Shapes(pptSlide.Shapes.Count - 1).name =
'                    pptSlide.Shapes(pptSlide.Shapes.Count).Name =

Have you tried: oSh.PictureFormat.Crop.ShapeHeight = 400? Of course make the 400 your desired height. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/vba/api/office.crop.shapeheight

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