I use eglot in my daily workflow, but find one annoying issue when working on multiple project concurrently. Steps below explain my issue:

  1. Use xref-find-definitions in project A.
  2. Use xref-find-definitions in project B.
  3. I can go back via xref-pop-marker-stack in B
  4. but I cann't go back in project A since xref--marker-ring is shared between different projects.

Is there any possible to make xref--marker-ring works will with project.el?

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    C-h v xref-history-storage maybe? It is set to xref-global-history but xref-window-history is provided and you may be able to write your own xref-project-history to do what you want.
    – NickD
    Mar 24, 2023 at 16:33
  • Wow, thanks. I found this is added in 29.1. I will try after upgrade.
    – Jiacai Liu
    Mar 26, 2023 at 4:26

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In Emacs 29, we can fix this issue by

(setq xref-history-storage 'xref-window-local-history)

Emacs 29 is amazing!

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