I am often needing to store little pieces of reference in a page element, most of the time a <div>. I couldn't find too much documentation on how valid it would be to create my own attributes. What do you suggest is the most valid way of doing this or can I even do this? If so, can I just use jQuery's attr() call to get the reference?

example : <div class="sample" dataref="Sample Data Reference"></div>


Use HTML5 data attributes

See: http://api.jquery.com/data/


<div class="sample" data-ref="some string" />



Use jQuery data functionality. The data will not show in DOM, but you will able to set and access it fast. Documentation:



// set value
$.data(element, key, value);

// get value
var value = $.data(element, key); 

I feel you can use any word other than "id" and "class" attributes to keep your data.

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