All the docs for SQLAlchemy give INSERT and UPDATE examples using the local table instance (e.g. tablename.update()... )

Doing this seems difficult with the declarative syntax, I need to reference Base.metadata.tables["tablename"] to get the table reference.

Am I supposed to do this another way? Is there a different syntax for INSERT and UPDATE recommended when using the declarative syntax? Should I just switch to the old way?


well it works for me:

class Users(Base):
    __tablename__   = 'users'
    __table_args__  = {'autoload':True}

users = Users()
print users.__table__.select()

...SELECT users.......

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    Note it is ____table____ NOT ____tablename____ – Ben Jul 1 '10 at 22:36

via the __table__ attribute on your declarative class


There may be some confusion between table (the object) and tablename (the name of the table, a string). Using the table class attribute works fine for me.

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