In vscode, after creating a c++ project from a template then removing all the template code and replacing with my own, I ran into the error PCH warning: header stop cannot be in a linkage block appearing as an error on one of my #include statements.

There are a few other SO focused on this topic, but many recommend changing code to include #pragma once or other such changes which modify the code itself. As this seems to be an intellisense issue, I want to know a fix to this that does not involve the code itself. This can be very bothersome as it seems to block other intellisense features.


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It seems the best fix I could find is to turn off C_Cpp.intelliSenseCacheSize by setting it to 0 in your workspace settings json. I discovered this from this GitHub issue on the topic.

Adding this line

"settings": {
   "C_Cpp.intelliSenseCacheSize": 0,

to your .code-workspace file seems to fix it. Might need to reload vscode to be safe.

As far as why this helps, I think that (especially in cases where I was using a template to start) I think it has to do with this line from the GitHub issue:

IntelliSense will auto generate precompiled headers (PCH) if there are any #include header files that it can cache.

So it must be precompiling a header from the template that is removed and left hanging because it was the only header to begin with, or something like that. in 2019 there was a comment that this would likely be removed in a future version.

  • Yes, I too found that post. Looks like it fell through the cracks.
    – catnip
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 0:53
  • intelliSense cache will use a large portion of your disk for each C++ project
    – rioV8
    Commented Mar 25, 2023 at 1:08

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